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Selected Work
Product™ helps forward-thinking companies grow. We combine AI, expert practitioners, and a hands-on approach to drive focused results.
Post Consumer Brands
Omnichannel launch of Airly Foods, a new
environmentally-friendly snack brand.
Digital insurance and real estate
products for the #2 online mortgage lender.
A new global digital experience for
the world's largest insurer.
Product™ helps brands bring new levels of efficiency and efficacy to marketing efforts.
Creative Campaigns
Generate awareness, build brand equity, and drive purchase intent with impactful omni-channel initiatives.
Social and Content Marketing
Build audience engagement and earned media impressions with highly sharable content, created and optimized with AI.
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  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Brand Planning
  • Communications Planning
  • User Experience Design
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Digital Products and Services
Build audience, brand engagement, brand loyalty, and sales with AI-enabled, personalized experiences.
Performance Marketing
Drive measurable ROI with targeted advertising that is created, tested, and optimized with Generative AI.
Research & Insights
Strategy & Consulting
Brand Planning
Communications Planning
User Experience Design
Technology Development
Campaign Ideation
Content Creation
Analytics & Optimization<
Riverdrop, our proprietary Generative AI platform, powers breakthrough experiences for brands.
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Our Approach
Artificial intelligence is dramatically changing how consumers interact with brands and how marketers communicate with their audiences. Consumers expect smarter, more personalized experiences, and marketers can bring new levels of efficiency and efficacy to the messages they distribute.

Product™ provides customer experience and marketing solutions tailored to the artificial intelligence era. Our goal is to future-proof businesses for lasting impact.
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Our senior, hands-on practitioners uniquely understand the AI paradigm shift. We focus on delivering measurable results, with an emphasis on work grounded in research and optimized with data.

Product™ was founded by industry veterans Aaron Shapiro (Chairman) and Chris Stempky (Managing Partner).

Aaron was previously Founder and CEO of Huge, a 1500-person digital transformation company that created world-class experiences for Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs, P&G, and half of the Fortune 100.

Chris is a marketing leader with over 25 years of helping brands evolve and grow through innovative communications. He's worked with some of the world’s largest brands including Google, Citi, Fiat Chrysler, Coca-Cola, and Diageo.
Post Consumer Brands
Launched and marketed Airly, a new snack brand whose mission is to fight climate change one cracker at a time.
About 25% of greenhouse gasses come from the global food supply. Post decided to address this issue by creating Airly, an innovative new line of snacks that helps reverse the effects of climate change. By sourcing oats grown on negative-emissions farms, each box of crackers sold removes carbon dioxide from the environment.

Our objective was to launch and market the brand and help Airly expand distribution nationally.

When it comes to climate change, research suggested that while people want brands to take the lead, they also want to do their part to improve the world around them. People and brands, working together, can transform the future today.

The result was Take Snacktion, Airly's call to arms. It is an enthusiastic, always-open invitation to prove that, together, we can all take a bite out of climate change.

With the creative campaign established, our next task was to spread awareness and educate consumers about the new cracker. The goal was to emphasize both Airly's great taste (kids love it!) and important mission, all with the goal of driving sales. The omnichannel approach led with social, but extended to digital display, outdoor, influencers, local activations, and in-store TV.

Our work extended to B2B, where we worked with the Airly to develop a trade show experience, sales presentations, and other marketing materials to encourage retailers to distribute the snack line.

Airly was successful in establishing and quickly expanding their footprint. We went from successfully launching in three test markets (Dallas, St. Louis, and Philadelphia) to expanding nationwide. Airly can now be found in retail chains across the United States, including Walmart. Plans are in place expand the product line the future.
In just 10 weeks, new digital real estate and insurance offerings for the #2 online mortgage provider.
Better was interested in expanding their offering beyond mortgages to become a "one-stop shop" for the home buyer. This meant expanding its services to other products that are part of the home buying cycle. The company turned to Product™ to provide two innovative offerings: a commission-free real estate agency, featuring online home buying auctions, and a comparison shopping service for insurance.

We designed, developed, and launched both offerings using a lean, AI-powered methodology, which allowed both services, in parallel, to be rapidly conceptualized, designed, and launched within ten weeks. By being fast to market, more time could be spent optimizing the solution and driving results.

We began creating each product by rapidly defining the problem, target audience, and user journeys. MVP requirements were established, coupled with technology strategy that allowed rapid development and deployment. Design concepts were shared in the second week, which kicked-off an iterative cycle of detailed design, testing, and launch. Usability testing and test pages launched to live traffic, were quickly deployed to help define messaging and experience that would best drive results.

Better Real Estate now allows people, who qualified for a Better mortgage, to sell their existing home for free. A quick step-by-step process connected people to a Better real estate agent, who prepare the house for sale and get a listing live. Digital auctions sped the sale of a home.

Better Cover bundles insurance products for greater savings. The Better experience makes it simple to apply for insurance and see quotes across multiple insurance carriers. The solutions combine automated quotes with live insurance experts, ensuring consumers always get the best prices.
Modernized a digital ecosystem with a single design solution across 55 countries and 18 languages.
Chubb, the world's largest insurance company, wanted to make digital its primary communications channel. The company needed to modernize and redesign an antiquated site and experience. Its digital ecosystem was built on an ad-hoc basis over a long period of time, resulting in websites that didn't meet the demands of modern marketing. Microsites proliferated, and each country had different levels of functionality and content.

To implement a contemporary solution, Product engaged in a detailed design process, translating business needs and customer needs into a unified solution. Our goal was a solution that met business needs and diverse audience needs, while being practical to implement and manage from a technology and organizational standpoint.

We began the engagement with in-depth analysis, working to understand the target audiences, user journeys, and the problems people seek to solve with The end result was a clear strategy and vision for the new experience.

Driven by user testing, we developed a detailed information architecture and taxonomy for the new ecosystem, grounded in an in-depth content strategy. The structure was designed to support countries of different sizes and a mix of products.

With a strong foundation in place, we undertook an interative design process, beginning with sketches, wireframes, and creative explorations and culminating in a fully-articulated design solution. Our technologists then worked with Chubb IT to develop it.

The new is a fully-responsive, multilingual solution tailored for Chubb's broad set of products and markets. It's a single global experience, localized to the user's home market.
A new mobile delivery service for the 8,000+ store chain of convenience stores.
Visit Poland and you'll find a Zabka on nearly every street corner, beckoning people to step in for a quick snack or home supplies. Its ability to dominate convenience made it the biggest retail footprint of any company in Europe. But true convenience isn't just stores. It's taking out your phone whenever the mood strikes for a quick purchase with instant delivery. The urgency to win the online convenience battle was made more urgent by Amazon, Uber, and other deep-pocketed startups looking to succeed in the Polish market.

Zabka retained Product to develop an ecommerce solution that enabled it to win the local delivery battle. The strategy consisted of two initiatives: an app tailored for delivery within minutes from the local Zabka store and a new stand-alone brand offering same day delivery for groceries, powered by a network of dark stores. Our work spanned designing a compelling ecommerce delivery experience that coupled targeted product offering with convenience. And, we worked to define the new brand's visual look-and-feel and branding.

First time users get a quick onboarding experience to introduce them to the ease of Zabka shopping. The main feed provides quick access to bundles, offers, and other impulse buys... all personalized to prior buying habits.

The app supports thousands of products across dozens of categories, pick-up in store or home delivery with real-time inventory, recipes, group buying, and rewards.

Stand-alone brands and marketing were created for the supermarket delivery service and private-label offerings, which extended from mobile to advertising and physical touchpoints. The core Zabka app experience was then modified to the new brand and supermarket use case.
Zabka ecommerce mobile is now the most used app in Poland. It delivers convenience store items in under 15 minutes, and its supermarket service provides delivery within an hour.
New digital offerings and campaigns to broaden GoodRx's offerings.
GoodRx built a strong core business by providing discount coupons to consumers interested in lowering their prescription drug costs, which is especially important for medicines not covered by some health insurance. For its next stage of growth, GoodRx wanted to expand their brand to become a digital health provider.

Product worked with GoodRx on a variety of initiatives to help realize its broader health mission, including modernizing its digital design system, launching new digital health solutions, and social marketing campaigns.

We developed a design system to allow GoodRx to rapidly launch new digital experience and modernize its website in phases. The goal was to increase usability to strengthen the brand.experience.

The Healthy Hearts initiative sought to educate and provide access to screening and treatments for Hypertension, a leading cause of death in the African-American community. The campaign was activated through a website, social, and influencers.

The Medicare portal allowed seniors to better understand Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and how to best take advantage of the options available to them.

With an expanded design system, more digital offerings and new brand-forward approach to communications, GoodRx successfully broadened its appeal and sources of revenue.
Bringing inspiration to mobile ecommerce for the Zappos of Europe.
obuwie, a division of $1B+ fashion ecommerce company CCC Group, is the largest footwear retailer in Europe. The firm has local language ecommerce applications in virtually every European market, providing rapid delivery of local purchases in each market. The firm's success was rooted in transactional ecommerce and fulfillment. To get to the next level of growth, and expand into apparel, the company retained Product to modernize its experience and bring more inspiration to ecommerce.

Product designed a new mobile ecommerce experience centered around inspirational shopping. Our goal was to make Eobuwie not just a place to fulfill shoe orders, but to find new ideas for fashion, driving the purchase.

First-time users are given a fun survey so the app can understand customer preferences. A personalized feed then provides the latest in relevant footwear fashion...with editorial providing a point-of-view.experience.

Advanced search, browsing, and filtering lets people find just the right shoes. The explore feature is a visual feed that people can scroll through and find compelling ideas for fashion and foodwear. Everything is shoppable.

Product pages feature social integration, reviews, and everything people would possibly want to know about a given shoe style. Complex commerce flows were developed to support the large number of purchasing options available in different European countries and markets. Custom profiles and preferences ease repeat buying.

The new app launched in 15 countries, each localized to appropriate language, payment, and shipping options. Later, we crafted a high level perspective about the parent company's other mobile offerings, with the idea of bringing Eobuwie mobile's shopping concepts to broader apparel shopping.